My name is Logan. 21 years old. I work for bmw and make music.

I wish there wasn’t a handful of people that care about me so I could kill myself.

In myrtle beach, in a purple fleece. Hotel lobbies playing fur elise. I’m Ron Burgundy mixed with Hercules. Slap a bitch in the mouth if she cursing me.

So a couple of weeks ago I took this girl out for coffee and never called because she just wasn’t my type. So I’ve been hanging with this other chick and we were at the bar last night and the other girl showed up and cussed me out and slapped the fuck out of me. Lesson of this post: bitches be cray.

Got a four day weekend starting tomorrow going to hide in the blue ridge mountains and become one with everything or something cheesy like that. peace lil homies.

Just got my tickets to go see bright eyes! Gonna camp out and do acid with some old/new friends this should be fun.

Gonna catch me a kitty today!

Just got my guardianship papers for my baby sister who’s going to be born in a month or so. Don’t plan on letting my mom ruin another kids life. Ima spoil the shit out dis little princess :3.

Been listening to Bobby Caldwell all day..I have a problem.

Smashed my finger with a sledgehammer. Fun times.